Accountability & Results


We offer a personalized approach to wellness, catering to the client’s unique goals and needs. Whatever state an individual walks in with, we will work on reaching their goals. “Retired” athletes, injuries, beginner to advanced athletes, we program TO you, not FOR you.  

Personal Training

Personal training allows adults and student athletes to have individualized and personalized exercise plans to help meet their fitness goals. Our trainers are there to provide monitored training with a focus on accountability and results. By establishing a baseline and understanding the client’s goals, the Spartan trainer and their client work together for improved fitness. In addition to fitness guidance, our trainers discuss their nutrition and general health. Personal training can results in improved body composition, physical performance, heart condition, and health outcomes.


Wellness is the active process of making good choices. At Spartan, our trainers are focused on encouraging healthy habits to improve the well-being of their clients. By understanding their current environment, including social, nutritional, exercise and sleeping habits, they can develop a strong physical program and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging simple and healthy choices on a daily basis can help reduce stress and optimize physical performance.


Accountability. Results.

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