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Erin Brant

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“A new year does not mean a new year. The old you will show up sooner or later. Start improving the old you.

Erin is a western Pennsylvania native that made Maryland her home in 2007. Personal training was her first job out of college. From the start, she has trained adults and teenagers of all abilities and, for a few years, mixed martial artists. Previously, she taught cycling and general group fitness classes. Erin’s real love is one-on-one training, particularly someone challenged by injury, old or new. Her training is very much about finding what works for that client, using their feedback and input to find the best possible outcome.
Erin has a husband and two dogs that watch Steelers games with her. She also loves craft beer, Stephen King books, rock and blues, and painting with her niece. Occasionally, she will play a few songs on her piano.
BS in Dietetics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)

Accountability. Results.

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