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Our Philosophy

Spartan Sports and Wellness provides a perfect blend between Sports & Wellness for student athletes and adults. We help you achieve your goals by utilizing our 3-P program.

Private – One-on-One or Small Group Coaching in an upscale competitive training environment

Practical – Simple training methods, paired with accountability and hard work

Personalized – Sports & Wellness performance programs designed with an emphasis on first class coaching focused on the individual


Wellness is the active process of making good choices. At Spartan, our trainers are focused on encouraging healthy habits to improve the well-being of their clients. By understanding their current environment, including social, nutritional, exercise and sleeping habits, they can develop a strong physical program and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging simple and healthy choices on a daily basis can help reduce stress and optimize physical performance.

Sports Performance

Sports performance is about developing highly skilled athletes through designing and implementing a structured program allowing an athlete to measure his or her performance as a progression toward excellence or achievement. These student athletes are interested in performing at a competitive or elite level.

The program design criteria at Spartan for all athletes are the following: 

Complimentary session


T. Walker

Great staff that shows each athlete tough love and dedication. The trainers also create an atmosphere where there is no competing among the athletes. Everyone is there putting in work competing with theirselves trying to get better.

E. Van Houten

If you want to get your butt kicked, while in a relaxed/chill environment which includes a lot of encouragement and incredible state of the art equipment, this is the place to be! I love their non-mechanical treadmill that burns 30% more calories, I’ve never had my heart rate up that high while just walking! Bill is awesome! The facility (bathrooms, showers, lounge, workout area) is so nice! I’m so happy to make Spartan part of my fitness/wellness routine! 

R. Krall

If you want to train like a champion, you have to give Spartan Sports and Wellness a try. You will push your body to its limits and feel the results. Bill is a great instructor/coach. He will ensure you are doing the workouts the right way to prevent you from injury. Finally, the members are welcoming and supportive. 

A. Magwood

Spartans Sports and Wellness is an awesome place to train for athletes as well as non athletes. I have seen great results with my son’s increase in strength, speed, agility, and overall physical fitness. His trainers, Nick and Bill are outstanding.

Accountability. Results.

Spartan Sports & Wellness

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Complimentary session